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Life, Lineage and Sustenance
Indigenous Peoples and Genetic Engineering:
Threats to Food, Agriculture, and the Environment

IPCB, September 2001

Stephanie Howard edited by Debra Harry, Brett Lee Shelton

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Indigenous Peoples, Genes and Genetics
What Indigenous Peoples Should Know About Biocolonialism

IPCB, June 2000

A primer on genetic engineering and genetic research on humans and in agriculture, and the implications for indigenous peoples. An update of the oringial primer by Debra Harry and Frank Dukepoo (see below). 

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Indians, Genes and Genetics: What Indians Should Know About the New Biotechnology
by Debra Harry and Frank Dukepoo, IPCB 1998

Download an 8-page primer (in PDF format) on genetic research and it's implications for Indigenous peoples. The primer was written by Debra Harry (Northern Paiute) and Frank Dukepoo (Hopi) and is intended to serve as an educational resource to Native peoples. To best view this document it should be printed, and folded in booklet format.

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