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Key Points for a Resolution Opposing the Human Genome Diversity Project and Genetic Research on Indigenous Peoples

After careful review of the Human Genome Diversity Project, and other independent investigations on the genome of indigenous peoples, we find:

1. We declare absolute opposition to the Human Genome Diversity Project, and demand the immediate suspension of any activities to collect genetic samples, cell lines, or genetic data from indigenous peoples, including our deceased ancestors.

2. We demand the fullest cooperation of any government agency or independent research institute in the return of all genetic materials, cell lines, and data they may have in their possession to the appropriate governing authorities of the tribal group.

3. We oppose any attempt to monopolize or commercialize the genetic samples, cell lines, or data derived from the cell lines of indigenous peoples, through the application of intellectual property law and patent systems.

4. We oppose the genetic engineering of indigenous peoples genes and cloning. This includes cloning indigenous peoples genes or gene fragments into bacterial, viral, mammalian cell lines or other vectors. We demand the immediate suspension of activities that are currently using any indigenous peoples DNA, genes or fragments in any cloning experimentation.

5. We demand the international scientific community condemn any research that has been carried out contrary to recognized human values and moral principles, and that violates the international codes of ethics described in the Nuremberg Code and the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki.

6. We reaffirm the governing entities of indigenous tribal peoples/nations have the primary authority to deny access to, refuse to participate in, or to authorize any removal of genetic materials from our peoples or territories. The ethical principle of "individual informed consent" is also applicable, and is secondary to tribal governmental consent.

7. We demand that scientific endeavors and resources be prioritized to support and improve social, economic and environmental conditions of indigenous peoples in their environments, thereby directly improving health conditions and raising the overall quality of life.

8. We demand an immediate moratorium on collections and/or patenting of genetic materials from indigenous persons and communities by any scientific project, health organization, governments, independent agencies, or individual researchers.

9. We demand that the US government, and any governing agencies, do not participate, fund or provide any assistance to the Human Genome Diversity Project, or any related research projects which seek to research the genome of indigenous peoples.

10. We acknowledge report by the Committee on Human Genome Diversity of the National Research Council, dated October 30, 1997, which refuses federal endorsement of the Human Genome Diversity Project for it's "lack of a sharply defined proposal that it could evaluate."

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