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Human Genetics Issues

Campaign to Stop the National Geographic Society

Genographic Project


IPCB Comments Regarding the Genographic Project's Request for Proposals for the Legacy Fund (Feb 16, 2007) see here

IPCB Update - Dec 06 - Genographic Project Put on Hold in North America see here

IPCB Press Release (July 19, 2007) Genographic Project To Collect Blood from Alaska Natives (see here)

IPCB Press Release (May 07) United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues Recommends Halt to Genographic Project see here

Collective Statement of Indigenous Organizations Opposing “The Genographic Project”
Agenda Item 4 submitted to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (May 06)

IPCB Presents Petition Opposing the Genographic Project Bearing the Signatures of 863 Indigenous Nations, Indigenous Organizations, Allies and Individuals to Spencer Wells at meeting in New York on May 20, 2007

Fact Sheet for Indigenous Peoples see here

IPCB Press Release (May 07) Indigenous Peoples Oppose the National Geographic Society’s New Vampire Project see here

IPCB Press Release May 20, 2007 - Indigenous Peoples Speak Out Against the Genographic Project see here

International Indian Treaty Council Conference Adopts Resolution Opposing the Genographic Project (AUG 05) see here

IPCB Article in Cultural Survival Quarterly - December 2005 (download here) See on-line

IPCB Action Alert (APR 05) - Oppose the Genographic Project (see here)

IPCB Issues Press Release (APR 05) Opposing the Genographic Project (see press release)


Take Action

Model Resolution For Indigenous Nations/Tribes Calling for a Halt to The Genographic Project

Model Resolution for Indigenous Organizations Calling for a Halt to the Genographic Project


Articles in Spanish

Genographic Project Action Alert (Spanish)


Article from Cienca, Sao Paolo

Article from Servindi: Indígenas en guardia ante proyecto Genográfico
Por María Amparo Lasso*


Genographic Project Information

National Geographic and IBM Launch A HDGP Clone - the Genographic Project (see their press release)

Genographic Project - Fact Sheet (see here)

Genographic Project - Profiles of Indigenous Advocates (see here)

Genographic Project - Scientists Answer Questions About the Project (see here)

You can review the University of Pennsylvania - Social and Behavioral Sciences Institutional Review Board's approval of the Genographic Project's Research Protocol and Informed Consent Form (download PDF here)

Links to Various Media Coverage

New York Times: DNA Gathers Hit Snag; Tribes Don't Trust Them by Amy Harmon (see article here)

Wired Magazine: Testing Blood to Track History Click here to see article
By Stephen Leahy

Story location:
02:00 AM Apr. 19, 2005 PT

New Scientist -
Gene project will map humans' global spread
12:11 13 April 2005

USATODAY - 'Genographic Project' aims to tell us where we came from click here to see article

New York Times: Gene Project Aims to Trace Human Migration click here to see article By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, Published: April 13, 2005

Audio Programs

Melbourne Indymedia - IBM/National Geographic Genographic Study -
by Food Fight Friday July 29, 2005 at 08:50 AM Interviews with Debra Harry, Robbie Thorpe, and Spencer Wells Listen on-line


Phoenix New Times, May 27, 2004

Indian Givers
The Havasupai trusted the white man to help with a diabetes epidemic.
Instead, ASU tricked them into bleeding for academia.

by Paul Rubin

Havasupai tribe files $50M suit against ASU
03/16/2004 – The Arizona Sun

Two weeks on the heels of a $25 million lawsuit filed by 52 members of the Havasupai tribe, the tribe itself filed a $50 million lawsuit Friday in Coconino County Superior Court against Arizona State University, the Arizona Board of Regents and three ASU professors.

Hawaiian Civic Clubs Resolution Urging the University of Hawai`i to Cease Development of the Hawaiian Genome Project, Adopted November 15, 2003 at the 44th Annual convention of Hawaiian Civic Clubs at Nukoli`i, Kauai, Hawai`i

Blood promise

WebPosted Sep 27 2000 2:18 PM EDT

VICTORIA - A genetic researcher at Oxford University has promised to return the blood samples he collected from nearly 900 Nuu-chah-nulth donors back in the mid-1980s.

Dr. Richard Ward collected the blood for an arthritis study. The Nuu-chah-nulth only recently found out that Ward had used the samples for other research as well, without their permission.

Articles Regarding Autogen and the Kingdom of Tonga



AN AUSTRALIAN biotech company headed by Melbourne Football Club president Joseph Gutnick has secured exclusive rights to the entire gene pool of the people of Tonga. Autogen Limited will use the genetically unique DNA of Tongans in its hunt for drugs to treat diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cancers and ulcers. The research, based on finding links between diseases and particular genes, could make the company hundreds of millions of dollars if it led to drugs being commercialised.

Tonga National Council of Churches’ Center NUKU’ALOFA, Tonga

April 3, 2001 PRESS RELEASE

Pacific Council of Churches Holds Consultation on Biotechnology Statement Issued by Representatives of Pacific Churches Tongan Government Officials Deny Agreement to Sell Human DNA

22/11/2000 Another Human Gene Pool Sell Out

First Iceland, then Estonia, now the people of Tonga have been sold out to a biotechnology company. Autogen Ltd, an Australia-based firm, has secured exclusive rights over the entire Tongan gene pool - some 110,000 people. Moreover, the people of Tonga have not been told about the deal, signed by their government Nov 2000.

December 20, 2000 Gene Vampires Strike in Rural China

Fifteen hundred people in rural China were tricked into giving blood to genetic vampires on the premise they would receive free medical care.

05/04/2002 Yanomami indians demand that blood samples taken by North American scientists in 1967 be returned